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Faculty of SCIENCE

The Faculty of Science at AISECT University is committed to science, education and training both as a major disciplines of study and as a crucial part of a progressive and holistic education. For the purpose of pursuing careers, research and other technical endeavors in which a background in Science is a pre-requisite, the University provides well structured dedicated graduate and post graduate programs. Moving forward, the institute is now shifting its sights towards being a recognized centre for sustainable energy research by developing research facilities and initiating research activities at the national and international level.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers graduate and post graduate professional research degrees in the fields of material science, micro-processors and instrumentation along with dialectic studies of polymers among others. Through a research focused approach and well equipped labs in the areas of material science, thermal studies and the study of optics, we ensure competent and inspired professionals.

Department of Chemistry

This department offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and M.Phil. professional degree programs along with a well qualified and highly experienced faculty. The state-of-the-art Chemistry Lab with the latest equipment makes it suitable for chemical engineering as well.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at AISECT University is a major research division that has a strong demanding post graduate program framework in Mathematics. The department offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and M.Phil. professional degrees in Mathematics. A highly qualified faculty has been appointed to instill an interest and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Department of Biology

Through a research oriented faculty and facilities to complement the same, we continuously strive to provide an academic exposure that is at par with the International Standards of curriculum. With a broad range of features like state of the art specimens, microscopes and lab equipments to innovative audio visual representations of diagrams and case studies, we ensure that our students are analytically and cognitively enabled to apply this subject in their relevant professional fields.

Department of Agriculture