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About The Lab

Material Science is one of the signature thrust area of research at AISECT University. For the execution of research in this area Advanced Material Research Lab has been established. The Lab is well equipped with several modern instruments for the synthesis of materials, such as Magnetic Stirrer, Special Hot Plate, Heating Mantle, Rota Mantle, Rectangular Muffle Furnace for annealing the sample at air atmosphere and Tubular Furnace attached with H2/N2 cylinder, for annealing of the sample at high temperature under reducing atmosphere. For the measurement of Photoluminescence Emission Spectra of solid sample, one Spectrometer from ‘Ocean Optics’ is also present in the lab.

Vision Mission & Scientific Aims of AMRL
To explore and advance new chemical frontiers in the life sciences, physical sciences, materials, environmental sciences and agricultural sciences through visionary research, innovation and collaboration.

Present Area of Research Interest for AMRL
Research area for AMRL is currently at the interface of Chemistry and Material Science. It is focused primarily on the development of Novel Inorganic based Luminescent materials.

Advanced Luminescence Material Research Team

Dr. Sudeshna Ray
M.Sc. PhD Associate Prof.
Team Leader 14 International Publications

Ms. Prachi Tadge
M.Sc.Research Fellow Luminescence Material for LED Solar Cell & Defence Application

Ms. Nidhi Malviya
M.Sc. Research Scholar Luminescence Material for Optoelectronic Devices

Ms. Vinita Rajput
M.Sc. Research Scholar LED Phosphor for defence

Ongoing Work at Advanced material Lab

Ongoing project in AMRL are focused on the design, solution synthesis, characterization and luminescence study of New Inorganic Phosphor Materials for the application in the following devices:

  • Fabrication of Phosphor Converted White Light Emitting Diode using the phosphors.
  •  Design of ‘Up conversion’ and ‘Quantum Cutters’ as Spectral Converters in Solar Cell. 
  •  Exploration of persistent phosphors for the glow in the dark road.
  •  Defense application for National Security.

Research Project - 1

Investigator -
Dr. Sudeshna Ray

Title of the Project: Synthesis, Characterization of Lanthanide-based Phosphors as Spectral Converters in Solar Cells”.

Funding Agency:
DST, Indo-Taiwan Scheme.
Partners –IIT, NCTU Taiwan & AISECT University

Project Outline:
To enhance the efficiency of c-Si solar cell, “harvesting the entire solar spectra with the help of spectral converter (Up-converter and Down-converter) as “Photon Manager”. The Project is at advanced stage.

      AMRL Team

Research Project - 2

Investigator- Dr. Sudeshna Ray

Title of the Project:: ABO3 and A2X3 compounds under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature (HIGHPRESMAT).

Title of the Project: : ABO3 and A2X3 compounds under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature (HIGHPRESMAT).

Funding Agency: Spanish Ministry
Project Outline: The main objective of the Project is the characterization of the structural, vibrational, mechanical, optical and electric properties of metal oxides of the ABO3 family (both in bulk and in nanoparticles) at extreme conditions of pressure and temperature with the aim to understand and optimize their properties for their application in optoelectronic and photonic devices. More specifically, this Project reflects the scientific and technical objectives of a new family of ABO3 compounds and the family of related compounds A2X3.

Research Project - 3
Project Outline:

Fundamental exploration and synthesis of novel phosphors for the fabrication of ultra-high efficiency phosphor-converted Red Light Emitting diode (pc-LED) and its application as ‘light recipe’ for Vertical Indoor Farming in the drought affected areas of Madhya Pradesh. This project may immensely benefit agriculture.

Research Project - 4
Project Outline:

Design and Synthesis of Persistent Phosphors for the fabrication of One Way Luminescence Cold Tracer for Defence application. BARC Mumbai & DRDO are very keen on this project.

Publications in International Peer Reviewed Journals by AMRL Members
  1. “Size and shape tailored hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline LaPO4:Eu3+ phosphor” by Sudeshna Ray, Prachi Tadge, Govind Nair, and S. J. Dhoble., Journal of Luminescence; Accepted Manuscript, “Impact Factor - 2.686”
  2. “Analysis of growth kinetics and impact of NH3 on the morphology evolution of hexagonal-prism shaped Y4O(OH)9NO3/Y2O3 single crystals” by Sudeshna Ray, Masato Kakihana, Govind Nair and S. J. Dhoble, Materials Research Bulletin 95 (2017) 597. “Impact Factor – 2.446”
  3. “Structural and spectroscopic characterizations of a new near-UV-converting cyan-emitting RbBaScSi3O9:Eu2+ phosphor with robust thermal performance” by Sudeshna Ray, Prachi Tadge, S. J. Dhoble, Govind B. Nair et al., Journal of Alloys and Compounds713 (2017)138. “Impact Factor – 3.014”
  4. Pressure-induced amorphization of YVO4:Eu3+ nanoboxes" by Ruiz-Fuertes, Javier; Gomis, Oscar; Leon-Luis, Sergio; Rademacher, Nadine; Manjon Herrera, Francisco; Ray, Sudeshna; et al., “Nanotechnology” 27 (2015) 025701, “Impact Factor – 3.821”
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Name of Collaborator

International     Collaboration

National Chiao Tung University, (NCTU)


Prof. Teng Ming Chen

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)


Prof. Francisco Javier Manjon Herrera

Universidad de La Laguna (ULL)

Prof. Victor Lavin Della Ventura






 IIT Delhi

Prof. Sameer Sapra

IISc Bangalore

Prof. Abhishek Kumar Singh

BARC, Mumbai

Dr. D. K. Koul


Prof. S. B. Rai

RTM Nagpur Univ.

Prof. Sanjay Dhoble

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati

Prof. C. K. Jayasankar

Research Group in Taiwan
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